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“We have said on many occasions that the moment that a community takes the decision to enter the Anglia in Bloom campaign, the Village, Town, City or Coastal Resort becomes a winner. 

Our campaign is all about community participation with a great number of organisations working together. The more organisations that are part of the local In Bloom Team the easier will be the workload. For example if local Authorities, Businesses, Youth Organisations, Schools and Professional Organisations and of course the dedicated team of volunteers who are the main stay are all taking part, then great things can be achieved in the form of floral displays, environmental schemes, cleanliness of the areas and much more. 

Because we are a charity we rely upon our patrons and sponsors, without them we could not stage this sparkling ceremony. My thanks go out to the many sponsors that support us”

Brian Thornton President of Anglia in Bloom 

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