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Entrants Information - Benefits of "The Bloom" Initiative

Being part of the initiative links in with the Performance Framework for Local Authorities & Local Authority Partnerships - National Indicators NIs, which replaced the Best Value performance indicators (BVPIs) in April 2008


The BVPIs which numbered around 1200 have been reduced to 198 National Indicators (NIs). 


So what are they and what are they for?


The national indicator set will be the only measures on which central government will performance manage outcomes delivered by local government working alone or in partnerships from April 2008.


In brief the NIs are focused on outcomes and their delivery through stronger partnership working, the same indicators will be used for different local partners, which would include local Friends groups and In Bloom groups.


It is not surprising how many of these new NIs that have a direct relationship with our "In Bloom" campaign and what we contribute to when improving our local environment.


I have picked out some of the main NIs that we contribute to through our annual “In Bloom” efforts that we deliver in our Villages, Towns and Cities. So next time you are in contact with your local authority, remember to remind them of the contributions that you are making to these new National Indicators, and then request some additional support towards your campaign.


National Indicators extracts




NI 5 Overall/general satisfaction with local area

NI 6 Participation in regular volunteering

NI 7 Environment for a thriving third sector




NI 21 Dealing with local concerns about anti-social behaviour and crime by the local council and police 

NI 27 Understanding of local concerns about anti-social behaviour and crime by the local council and 


NI 45 Young offender’s engagement in suitable education, employment or training




NI 54 Services for disabled children

NI 110 Young people’s participation in positive activities




NI 188 Adapting to climate change 

NI 195 Improved street and environmental cleanliness (levels of graffiti, litter, detritus and fly posting)

NI 196 Improved street and environmental cleanliness – fly tipping

NI 197 Improved local biodiversity – active management of local sites

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