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  • A £10 charge will cover entry into as many or as few categories as you wish to make. This charge will contribute to administrative costs for the campaign.

  • Enter as many or as few main categories as you like, you can make up to 3 entries in each category if you wish.

  • Submit as many ‘Neighbourhood’ entries as you like, there is no extra charge for Neighbourhood entry.

  • Make it clear which category you are entering with which photos

  • Submit up to 5 jpeg photos for each entry you make  – remember these photos are the only way we can judge your entry, so make them clear, good photos!

  • Submit up to 50 words only for each entry (so up to 5 jpegs and no more than 50 words per entry).  If more words are sent they will be cut down before sending to judges – and that might not give as good a description as you intended.

  • Send entries by email at any time you like (probably best not to send too many entries at any one time.)  If you’d rather send entries by USB stick or disc that will be fine, all media will be returned to sender when entry closes.

  • Closing date for all notices of entry will be 1st July but photos can be submitted up to and including Sunday 1st August.

  • Each entrant must give a contact name, phone number and email address so that we can give you the best possible attention.


Can be bulbs or bedding.   Must have been visible within the past 2 years.  Must be visible by the public (i.e. not a back garden or behind a building).  We will be looking for clean and tidy area with good quality of planting.  Pleasing colour scheme and an excellent overall appearance. 

Must be of bedding plants and have been planted within the past 2 years.  Must be visible by the public (i.e. not a back garden or behind a building).  We will be looking for a clean and tidy area with good quality of planting.  Pleasing colour scheme and an excellent overall appearance.

Can be a managed area of shrubs and/or perennial plants.  Can include trees and grasses.  Should include colour for all seasons.  Should be neat, clean and tidy.  Should be visually attractive from more than one angle.

Can be a special feature of the landscape, shown to full advantage by careful management.  Can be a specially made garden or planted area.  Can be an architectural feature planted to give added interest.  Can be a ‘different’ plant container giving impact in a public area.  Can be in a private garden, but should be visible to the public.

Must be an area open to the public.  Need not necessarily be planted but must be well managed.  Should be an area of interest – could be  grounds of a public building. Etc.  Could be a riverside mooring.  Could be a well manicured allotment site (whole site, not just one plot). Etc..

Should be colourful, clean and tidy.  Can be in a public space or a private garden.  Should show evidence of good maintenance.

May be an area planted for wild life or can be a natural area where flora and fauna flourish. 

Should be a public place, or an area where the public can visit planted and managed by local authority.  Need not necessarily be floral, but must be well managed, clean and tidy with all year round interest.

Must be an area open to the public and be well managed.  Notices of opening times and any other information should be shown if applicable.  Please ask permission before taking photos of sensitive areas.

There is no limit on numbers of entries by each entrant for this category.  RHS designated a ‘neighbourhood’ as more than 2 houses and a neighbourhood can also be a special community project, neighbouring allotment plots, grounds of a care home where residents are invited to assist to their full capabilities, etc.

If you are in doubt about which category your entry will be best placed, or if you are uncertain whether a particular area will qualify – please just ask!  We WANT to see your special places!! NEW  ENTRANTS  WILL  BE  WELCOME!!

We must stress that you should work safely and within all Government guidelines and directives at this time and going forward but if you can give it a go, we’d love to see what you can come up with.

Email address for entries/  We want to hear from you and your enquiry may be passed to another of our judges to give you the best possible answer. 


Address for postings:
Julia Smith, Old Woodyard, Southey Green, Sible Hedingham, Essex. CO9 3RN




Judging will be by 2 judges assigned to each category and they will be reviewing your photos and comments – make sure you give them the best possible flavour of your community!



All the best.  Stay safe and stay well.  The Anglia in Bloom team.

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