Good day to you.  First of all, I hope that you are keeping well and that you are safe.  Its April and everything is springing in to life, it seems so strange not to be able to go out and appreciate the beauty around us – but we all know that we MUST stay at home to protect the NHS and to save lives.

We know that we will get through this, and Bloom will go on, this is why we want to run a ‘virtual’ campaign this year to keep everyone in the loop.  I thought I’d just run through the criteria for our entries – adjusted because of the current guidelines.   Don’t forget that we need photos, 3 of each entry, labelled so that we know where they come from.  Please add your location but if it’s a display by an individual please include their names too.  We need a short  (max 50 words) explanation of the display.


Best Local Authority Planting (sponsored by CGM)  www.cgmltd.co.uk
We know that many local authorities are not planning to plant this year but to concentrate on essential works such as bin clearing, etc.  But there are some beautiful spring displays!  We don’t normally judge early displays, but if you have something spectacular, share it with us.

Best Large Container Planting (sponsored by Amberol) www.amberol.co.uk
This can be a large, purpose built tub/trough by Amberol or could be  something else that has been planted – a cart, drinking trough, etc.

Best Hanging Basket (sponsored by Amberol) www.amberol.co.uk
You know that person who always has the most beautiful hanging baskets,  photos of this would be acceptable (please give your resident’s name) or if you are able to plant baskets this summer then we’d love to see pictures.

Best Community Effort (sponsor TBA)
Could be a litter pick, team working on a display, team setting up a food bank etc. and we will accept entries from any time 2019/2020

Best Woodland/Conservation Project (sponsored by Barcham) www.barcham.co.uk
   Speaks for itself.  If you are lucky enough to take your daily exercise in a bluebell carpeted wood, or if your local river walk or conservation area is still open for your perambulations  please consider entry into this category.

Best Wildflower Display (sponsored by Harrowden Turfline) www.harrowdenturf.co.uk/2020/03/23/lets-build-a-garden/
There will be some beautiful displays in a few weeks time, who knows what the situation will be by then, but if you can capture them on camera it will cheer us all up to see them.

Best area of sustainable planting (sponsor TBA)
Shrubs and trees, perennial planting, Japanese gardens all will fall into this category.  Again, can be an individual’s garden or a public area

Best use of Rose Planting (Sponsor, Patron of Anglia in Bloom, Peter Beales Roses) www.classicroses.co.uk
  Speaks for itself, any type of rose – climbing, shrub, groundcover, container – use your imagination and let us see what you can produce

Best innovative Planted Container (Sponsor, Patron of Anglia in Bloom, Notcutts Nurseries) www.notcutts.co.uk
   Could be anything!   From wellies to waterbutt, bath to bucket.  Let’s see your wacky ideas!!

We also thought we could have some categories sponsored by Anglia in Bloom -

Best Planting on a theme
  Nursery Rhyme? VE Day? COVID-19?  The world of planting is yours.

Best Public Art
  There are some spectacular artworks in the region, why not share them with those in the six counties covered by Anglia in Bloom

Best Display Using Recyclable Materials
Plastic, Paper, Metal, even fruit and vegetables!  The world is your oyster – yes, oyster shells could be used too!!

This is a free to enter, open to all campaign so spread the word among all of your supporters and neighbours.  We all need something to cheer us up and give us hope at this time.

I must stress that you should work safely and within all Government guidelines and directives at this time and going forward but if you can give it a go, we’d love to see what you can come up with.

Please email your entries to one of the addresses brian.thornton6@mypostoffice.co.ukg.dawson460@btinternet.com OR jaygrey@btinternet.com 

entry doesn’t close until 1st August so that will give you plenty of time to think and plan.  We look forward to hearing from you!

All the best.  Stay safe and stay well.  The Anglia in Bloom team.