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We would like to give a warm welcome to all inspiring “Bloomers”, to our web site, and to the East of England’s Premier Environmental and Floral competition.


We are an enthusiastic and friendly group of volunteers who are always ready to welcome new entries from the six regions we cover, which include Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk. 


The Anglia in Bloom region forms part of the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society’s) Britain in Bloom competition. This is a campaign set up to help us get the best out of the village, town or city in which we live, both environmentally and florally. It is a great way of getting your communities working together, socially, and having lots of fun on the way.


The Britain in Bloom campaign is organised by The Royal Horticultural Society in partnership with Shredded Wheat, and more information on the RHS can be obtained from their website


The aim of the competition is to encourage the improvement of our surroundings through the imaginative use of trees, shrubs, flowers and landscaping. It also aims to achieve a litter free and sustainable environment. This links directly to the four key aims of the Royal Horticultural Society which are: 


•Horticultural Excellence      •Community Involvement        •Environmental Friendliness        •Sustainability


To find out more please take a good look at our website and contact one of the team of Trustees via the contact page.

Please note: we are still developing this website so check back regularly to keep up to date with the campaign.


Message from George - Chairman of Anglia in Bloom


The Anglia in Bloom region covers the six eastern counties of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex,  Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Anglia in Bloom is managed by volunteer Trustees elected annually at AGM from nominated representatives of local "In Bloom" groups. All our Trustees and Judging team give their expertise, experience and time freely to help our regional communities. Funding of the initiative is through our many generous sponsors and supporters.

We hope our website images, initiative and campaign will encourage your community to form your own "Bloom" teams to help improve and sustain your local environment by growing more flowers, trees, developing wildlife habitat provision and grow more vegetables too. 

Please be aware Anglia in Bloom is not a competition but a campaign. The aim is to encourage groups to take pride in their area. Assessors/judges visit in July to see how the group is progressing and to give advice and encouragement. An award is given ranging from Bronze to Gold which can then be displayed in a prominent position for all to see and hopefully encourage others to get involved

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